• Our graded patterns are created with exceptional precision to keep sizing consistency for clothing styles.

  • We will help you to create Sizing charts that correspond to the specific signature fit of your brand using either Alpha or Numeric Sizing Method. The main difference between alpha and numeric sizing is the way the garment is graded (or sized up and down).

  • Tech Pack (or detailed garment specification document) is a very important document that describes the garment you want to manufacture in specific details. Technical package document consists of numerous pages describing each component of the garment such as flat sketch with styling description, construction and seams details , BOM (Bill of Materials) or the list of fabrics and trims specific to the garment, specs with comprehensive POM-s (Points of Measures), how to measure instructions, full size spec with grade rules, label placements, packaging instructions.

  • Starting a development or production process for clothing design ideas without a tech pack will certainly lead to errors and significant financial loss. Be prepared and learn more about what information is needed when requesting the pricing for pattern making and manufacturing services.