3D Digital pattern making service and garment manufacturing -What to know when requesting pricing from vendor

3D digital pattern making offers a different approach to pattern engineering and clothing prototyping. 2D to 3D technology makes the entire process faster and more accurate. However, it does not mean that a pattern is created by pressing a button. Technology is a great tool that makes pattern making process for clothing production much faster, but the tool is always in command of the skilled pattern maker with significant knowledge and experience of all nuances in the clothing manufacturing process and production-ready patterns.
What to know when requesting pricing for digital pattern making and 3D fit?

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3D Virtual Clothing Sampling -Expectations vs. Reality for Design and Manufacturing

What is 3D Virtual sampling?

3D Virtual sampling and prototyping is the new way to explore design concepts and variations before the actual production. 3D technology helps designers and technical designers see, validate and refine the product before moving to the actual physical prototyping and manufacturing. For many industries this the norm. Apparel industry is still in the process of adaptation and implementation.

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How to create professional fashion Tech Pack for garment-Tips and Best Practices

For many years I was technical and production “go-to person”. Tech packs were part of my daily joys and sorrows. Each day had its own unique drama moment related to either technical or production problems. In most cases, we found the problem within the tech pack. Sometimes, important construction detail or spec got ignored, causing the major upset.

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Organic plant fabric fibers

It's a great sign that we as producers and consumers are being more aware of the environmental impacts we have when we purchase our clothes, shoes, and accessories.  Recently there's a renewed wave of fabric fibers that are being developed from plants other than cotton, hemp, and bamboo that can be very beneficial to our ecosystem.

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