Create clothing collection with 3D digital Patterns.

  • Speed up development and sampling time for fashion clothing line with new pattern making technology.

  • Support sustainable clothing manufacturing process using powerful garment simulation-3D virtual prototyping technology.

  • Faster production fit approval time for your collection with 3D virtual fit.

  • Create customized technical packages and digital clothing pattern with 3D virtual sampling.

  • Increase pattern development and production speed with efficient 3D pattern making, virtual prototyping and digital grading process.

  • Improve fit and create sizing chart for your clothing line from the start with the accurate 3D digital pattern making process.

  • Help eliminate excessive sampling by supporting sustainable fashion practices.

  • Create digital graded pattern blocks library for the future use.

  • Improve profit margins with accurate consumption calculation, efficient garment grading and marking.

  • Faster production cycle using our 2D to 3D digital pattern making service.

  • Be the part of the innovative manufacturing process.

  • Visualize your collection digitally, on customized 3D virtual fit model.

virtual prototyping

virtual prototyping


clothing product DEVELOPMENT

  • From initial sketch, to perfecting first sewing patterns, we will execute the perfect fit using, accurate digital blocks, 3D simulation and digital patterns ready for making sales sample in less time than traditional processes. Use innovation to contribute to sustainability of the process in the apparel industry.

  • No need to cut excessive number of samples to get desired styling and fit. There is no need to keep inventory. Digital pattern making and on demand manufacturing is the future of apparel manufacturing.

  • With 3D sampling process you can achieve desired fit, create perfect sizing chart and not worry about returns.

  • All fit improvements can be done on the virtual fit model.

  • Use innovation with 3D virtual fit process to bring your line to the market faster.

bulk production-apparel manufacturing

  • Plan your bulk production with digitally graded pattern perfected for good fit.

  • Use 3D digital sampling solution for better production planning.

  • No need for lengthy communication and numerous fit samples. 3D virtual sampling can help you get to the final product faster.

  • Time is of essence, why waste it?

sizing chart-tech pack

  • Graded pattern will be created with exceptional accuracy.

  • Comprehensive tech packs with construction details, BOM page, specs and grade rules.

  • 3D simulation images included within tech pack for better visual presentation of the style.



  • As 3D pattern making technology gets more advanced, the apparel industry will benefit from superbly accurate fabric drape, stretch and fit using our virtual sampling process.

  • Use advanced pattern making technology to save the time, materials, and sampling costs. Digital pattern making will provide accuracy and desired look in styling and fit.

  • With 3D simulation, the entire sample development process is much faster. Digital patterns, corrections, grading and sizing is smoothly integrated, reducing the most common communication errors between design and production.


  • Digital pattern is visually presented on 3D avatar for design and fit details viewing.

  • 3D simulation sampling allows creation of accurate sizing chart for your brand.

  • Build digital graded patterns block library for future style development.

  • Convert your paper pattern library into digital assets. Innovate your product development process.

  • We will help you improve the fit and create perfect sizing for your brand using 3D virtual fit methodology.

  • Last minute production pattern corrections and quick changes on existing patterns.

Faster Production with perfected pattern design

  • Comprehensive technical packages with detailed construction pages and garment grading rules.

  • Factory production time capitalized by using 3D virtual prototyping, limit fabric wastage with fewer physical samples.

  • Control inventory and built in superior quality control using accuracy of pattern making digital technology.

  • Eliminate excessive sampling in production process with 3D virtual fit process.

  • Accurate fabric yields will eliminate materials waste, and add to your bottom line during development process.

  • Production garment manufacturing trouble shoot will help you save the time and money on unforeseen technical and production issues.