XRC Labs x TAAS Inc: latest disruptions in tech + retail startups


Hello fellow fashion tech lovers!  TAAS Inc has great news!  We are so honored and excited to be picked as affiliates for this year's XRC Labs accelerator program.  We are happy to join the 8 amazing and exciting cohorts in their inspirational and excellent industry mentors and experts. Globally there were over 500+ fashion tech startups that applied, with 8 cohorts and 3 affiliates, we are proud and happy to say we are the top 2.2%!  

Without further ado, we would like to introduce the amazing cohort 3 startups:

29th Century: Really charismatic guy from Hong Kong and Australia.  The short pitch started with the "ugly duckling turning into a swan" analogy for cohorts, and the theme was played well. These guys are data guys, lots of them.  They thought, why not use AI (artificial intelligence) and data, and help ecomm and retail utilize their info in the most productive, and efficient way possible to help generate sales?


Benja: These founders from Boston has launched this web ads company for 3 years with big clients like Nike and Under Armour where they help them create "intelligent ads" for maximum results.  

Cartogram: From Seattle, enthusiastic and focused, the founder jokingly and seriously pitched for financial investments on the spot.  Now that's a true entrepreneur!  Focus on the prize!  His technology uses GPS and cell phone tracking technologies to quickly and accurately locate specific items in a retail store.  Convenience, and time saving is key!

Checkout: They connect brick and mortar retail with a fully immersive customer experience connecting their online sales with mobile, and interactive mirrors.  

ELLA: The founder started her pitch with a real life story of how her friend loves ASOP.  It's all natural, great skin care, however really expensive.  She can't afford stocking her whole bathroom with AESOP, thus we went out to create it.  After several years of creating her all natural women's skin care line, she's happy to announce that more women can take care of their skin and hair without emptying their bank accounts. Go ELLA!

Lacelook: Great founders who are classmates at MIT, came down to NYC from Boston with enthusiasm and zeal.  She started with a $5000 red lace Valentino dress vs. the dress she's wearing at $950, which is huge discount that looks very similar to the Valentino. Look out for this platform, for the ultimate price comparison tool on the web.

Snappy: Gone are the days of worrying about buying the wrong presents to your friends and family, and the impersonality of gift cards.  Snappy can help you customize gifts to everyone on your list.  

Ziel:  This full service platform already has 5 activewear brands that let Ziel design, create, produce, ship, and sell their full lines from beginning to end.  Definitely there's a lot of logistics and internal process organization, but I'm impressed and would love to see more of how they do it.  

Keep your eyes out for more cohort 3 updates here, and exciting XRC Labs events for all that you need to know about innovative disruptors in technology and fashion 

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Written by Amy Leu for www.taas.nyc