The Reality of the Apparel Production Cycle

This week, TAAS Inc. would like to speak frankly for all the hard working individuals that are behind the scenes, working day and night, plus weekends to create the garments that we see in stores.

The retail environment in apparel is getting more competitive, price sensitive, and more time restricting than ever before.  With fast fashion companies such as Zara, H&M, and Forever 21 shipping new styles in stores and online each week, it gives everyone else more pressure to deliver new styles quicker than ever.  With time restraints, comes rushing, and also means making more mistakes or being more sloppy with patterns, communicating clear information etc. 

Why do we do what we do?  Is it about looking stylish?  Is working 12 hour days plus weekends ok?  Is it about staying at your current job position 1 1/2 years and already being "a veteran" the norm?  Do our job define us as individuals?  What exactly is "style"?  Have you asked yourself any of these questions before?

These questions are the reasons why we established TAAS INC.  We understand the pains of this industry, and we see solutions to making it better.  Without further ado, below's diagram speaks a thousand words.  Please give us your feedback, we encourage new, more efficient ways of working. Change is possible.