The Happiest Office on Earth

It's a Friday morning in midtown Manhattan, the interns are sipping coffee and eating croissants with their designer mentors, while planning their day's work and errands.  The sky is blue, looking out to the Empire State Building from the penthouse of 7th Avenue and 40th Street feels calming, exhilarating, and inspiring for the whole team.


9:30am, the women's wear label du jour holds a well organized fitting that includes the design team, technical designers, and pattern makers along with their fit model.  It's an intense fit schedule to fit in all 10 new samples within 2 1/2 hours, but with calming Chopin music playing in the back ground, the team is focused, and doesn't waste a minute.  That's an average of 15 minutes per styles.  Fast forward to the end of the timer 12pm, and YES, the team did it with smiles of satisfaction on their faces.  All styles after this first fitting, had minor corrections, and the team will work harmoniously together, make the pattern corrections, and sew up the perfect show room samples in NY within a week with plenty of time for market.


5pm, production department director gets all his/her emails regarding overseas and domestic issues resolved, and has 99% bulk delivery being on time.  Everyone high fives by 6pm, and the team heads home to their family, friends, or the gym.

What a blissful fashion office day!  True, or false?  TAAS INC. says, happy April 1st!  What is your real work day like?  How do we get to this happy place, like the 1955 happy men in the photo?  Please share your typical work day stories with us!


Written by Amy Leu for

Technology Advanced Apparel Service