Reality behind "See Now, Buy Now". How to save time?

Fashion Show Runway

Fashion Show Runway


This past season's fashion shows at the main fashion capitals New York, London, Paris and Milan around 10-15% of the designers showed "See Now, Buy Now" collections.  Meaning, the customers can immediate purchase these styles that were shown on the runways.

TAAS Inc. is here to give you the actual reality of how this can be done.  Where brands can save on their calendar, and how they can save time.

Here's a step by step timeline in the making of a collection:

1. 4 weeks - Design: usually the design director works on a full season's inspiration mood board. This is the direction of the season where the rest of the design team will base their sketches from.

2.  8 weeks - Development of samples: after the design team and merchandisers decide on the designs to make actual samples from, the development team, technical designers, and pattern makers will start working on the actual fabrics/materials sourcing, measurements, construction details.  Pattern makers will start their drapes and paper patterns.  Sample rooms will make fit samples.  If samples are made overseas, then will need an additional 6 weeks.

This is where TAAS Inc's digital 3D virtual prototypes can save brands a lot of time.    Total estimated time using the traditional manual sampling process is 18-22 weeks time.  Instead of 2-3 rounds of fit samples, we can cut the sampling into 1 round only.  That is an estimated 4-8 weeks saved!  Just on manually redrawing the patterns, cutting, and sewing additional round of fit samples.

Using our virtual prototyping process, the brand can save 1-2 months time!  That is enough to push out another round of new season sketches, and initial samples.

This article is purely on time saved.  Next blog we will dedicate to the materials costs the brands can save using our digital 3D virtual prototyping process.  

Written by Amy Leu for

Technology Advanced Apparel Service