NY Fashion Week: TAAS goes to Opening Ceremony

Jacob Javits Center

Jacob Javits Center


Rock the Vote is the main theme for the "buy now, wear now" presentation at last night's Opening Ceremony Fall II'16/Winter'16 presentation at the Javits Center.  

Show was dubbed "Pageant of the People", where A-List comedians and actors such as Whoopi Goldberg, Rashida Jones, and Aidy Bryant were speakers at the political showcase of OC's latest collection by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon.  The show started with the typical banter style back and forth between hosts Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein of Portlandia.  Fred was dressed in a perfectly fitted tuxedo, and Carrie in an all black number, black button down shirt and a knit black tube dress over it with ruffled hem.  Very stylish and well put together.

Front row included comedian Aziz Ansari, actor Andrew Garfield, and actress Claire Danes.  TAAS was in attendance with an open mind and open heart.  It's very important to spread the message of exercising our right to vote, also important to understand what issues are in the fashion industry today.  

From inception of our company, TAAS Inc. is well aware of how our industry friends and comrades are working 12+ hour days, plus weekends with salaries that are less than minimum wage if you count all the unpaid overtime.  What causes all these extra unpaid hours?  For decades, the RTW industry has been disorganized in their process, not efficient with their use of time, manpower, and materials.  Also, the industry is run by many top executives that need more hands on experience when it comes to design, and technical skills to make a garment.  With many years of these bad habits and status quo being racked up, it's hard to change the mess that the snowball has grown into.

The development to production supply chain needs better process implementation, organized plans and leadership, and better legislative laws put in place.  When all American citizens go vote in November, keep in mind the following government legislation in regards to the garment industry:


1. FCPA, Anti-corruption and Bribery: What the fashion industry needs to know.  This is a webinar hosted by United States Fashion Industry Association on Oct 27,2016.  We will report back on the summary after this webinar session.

2.  Fashion design and intellectual property protection: For years there has been some high profile legal cases such as the Christian Louboutin vs. YSL red sole legal battle.  2012 the designer bought YSL to New York Court to prevent YSL producing red sole shoes.  Christian Louboutin won.  But that was only one win out of how many?  Look on Canal Street in Chinatown, where are the intellectual property police there?  How can we prevent fake goods sold on the internet?  

These are just 2 examples of thoughts that we need to be aware of when it comes to our government's legislation serving the well being of the consumers, textiles, and apparel industries in the US.  Trade agreements, duty and customs, sourcing and human rights laws, there are many issues at hand.  How can we prevent more apparel companies from going into bankruptcy, add more industry jobs domestically, and increase the well deserved wages of all the hard working apparel industry employees here?  Many reasons to vote in November, and also many reasons to fight for positive updates to the supply chain in the industry.

Written by Amy Leu for


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