How to help eliminate waste. Inspiring, sustainable companies for the love of our planet.

Earth Day should be everyday.  How do we protect the natural resources that are seemingly abound, but actually are depleting each time we purchase fast fashions, drive a car, take a plane? Every little thing we do consciously to help eliminate waste is the key to a healthy Earth.  TAAS Inc. would like to dedicate today's conversation to some of the more noteworthy organizations and brands that are actively pushing for eco-friendly awareness.


These people behind Fashion Revolution is a not for profit UK organization that brings together everyone that are involved in the fashion supply chain, including farmers, producers, buyers, designers, retailers, and consumers.  Goal is to bring forward transparency in what we chose to purchase, produce and eliminate in the fashion cycle.  In the wake of the 2013 April 24th devastating Savar Building apparel factory collapse in Dhaka Bangladesh, being aware of where, whom, and how our clothes are made can bring massive change in how the industry addresses their supply chain transparency.  Are inexpensive clothes you buy and throw away after 3 wears worth the additional wastes and human lives?  


The mission of this sustainable and cruelty-free luxury accessories company founded in 2013 is one of the more really eco-friendly companies in the handbags business I've come across.  They are not kidding when they say their materials use 70% less energy to produce than other synthetic fibers.  There's really no need to harm our ozone layer, the Amazon, and our water supply just because we want to carry a pretty handbag.

3. What exactly is ORGANIC COTTON?

Several years ago, with Loomstate and other clothing brands started labeling a lot of their clothing as made with "organic cotton."  It became almost a fad, and the overuse of this labeling over time became "watered down", and lost it's true significance.  This site goes into detail as to what exactly entails making real organic cotton.  Can anyone suggest any current fashion brands that actually produces real organic cotton?  

Let's think about quality not quantity.  Let's take care of our planet, because so far, there's no other planet out there like us that we know of.  Knowledge, action, and spread the word.

Written by Amy Leu for

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