How to find a good domestic factory


There has been an interesting shift in more apparel production being moved back to domestic factories away from overseas in recent years.  Just a few simple reasons.  Faster turn around time, lower quantity minimums, thus less inventory, save on duties and transportation, and clearer, in person direct communication.

TAAS Inc. has been very lucky to work with some of the best NYC factories.  What are the most important factors to consider when you are sourcing for a good domestic factory?  

1. Management: Everything trickles down from the top.  If the owners/top management are professional, trust worthy, and dedicated in their craft, then you can have a clearer picture of how they manage their factories and employees.

2. Good reputation: Through word of mouth and references, you can trust their reliability, quality, delivery, and professionalism.  A bit of a side-track example; Yelp reviews, there's a reason why everyone relies on them.  Real users', real experiences. (Minus the faux ones that business owners post.)

3. Examine their specialties: Make sure you ask to see their products and examine their workmanship in detail.  Most businesses would say they specialize and are good at making all apparel categories, however that's not true and not possible.  Cut and sew machines and workmanship are very different from woven, structured outerwear.  You have to look in detail the types of machinery they have, and the actual garments to know what they are best at.

Here are some great industry resources for you to explore and find a suitable domestic manufacturer.  Great designs are half the battle, other half is to find your strong resources to help you execute.

1. The Garment District-Fashion Directory

The Garment District

The Garment District


Written by Amy Leu for

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