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3D Virtual Clothing Sampling -Expectations vs. Reality for Design and Manufacturing

What is 3D Virtual sampling?

3D Virtual sampling and prototyping is the new way to explore design concepts and variations before the actual production. 3D technology helps designers and technical designers see, validate and refine the product before moving to the actual physical prototyping and manufacturing. For many industries this the norm. Apparel industry is still in the process of adaptation and implementation.

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XRC Labs x TAAS Inc: latest disruptions in tech + retail startups

Hello fellow fashion tech lovers!  TAAS Inc has great news!  We are so honored and excited to be picked as affiliates for this year's XRC Labs accelerator program.  We are happy to join the 8 amazing and exciting cohorts in their inspirational and excellent industry mentors and experts. Globally there were over 500+ fashion tech startups that applied, with 8 cohorts and 3 affiliates, we are proud and happy to say we are the top 2.2%!  

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Reality behind "See Now, Buy Now". How to save time?

This past season's fashion shows at the main fashion capitals New York, London, Paris and Milan around 10-15% of the designers showed "See Now, Buy Now" collections.  Meaning, the customers can immediate purchase these styles that were shown on the runways. TAAS Inc. is here to give you the actual reality of how this can be done.  Where brands can save on their calendar, and how they can save time.

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Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence-technology in the apparel industry.

Many headlines today are pointing out that the use of 3D technologies and softwares such as Optitex, and Browzwear are going to be the next big disruptive breakthroughs in the apparel production lifecycle. But are people well informed as to how to implement, utilized, and operate these complex programs in an efficient way?  Let's break down both company's marketing and selling strategies and decide for ourselves the reality in complexity of each software.

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