Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence-technology in the apparel industry.

Many headlines today are pointing out that the use of 3D technologies and softwares such as Optitex, and Browzwear are going to be the next big disruptive breakthroughs in the apparel production lifecycle.  But are people well informed as to how to implement, utilized, and operate these complex programs in an efficient way?  Let's break down both company's marketing and selling strategies and decide for ourselves the reality in complexity of each software.

1. Optitex:


Established in 1988, this Israel based 2D to 3D software maker has been around for 28 years. They have an extremely accurate 2D CAD/CAM pattern creation suite called PDS.  It uses vector technology similar to Adobe Illustrator to create patterns, the blueprints of a garment.  There are only about 277 companies in the world that uses this 2D to 3D software vs. 212,921 using Adobe Creative Suite.  

2.  Browzwear:


Established in 1999 in Tel Aviv, is also a 2D to 3D software developer similar to Optitex.  They have different focuses in terms of usage and complexity.  Browzwear is more focused on quick 3D renderings, instead of a strong 2D digital pattern making system.  Designers would still need to be trained to use this software, it's not an overnight, click of a button type of set up.

It's easy to say you can simply with just a click of a button to automatically have your computer create a perfect digital pattern, then with another click of a button drape it on your customized 3D avatar.  Artificial intelligence is not that far along yet.  Reality is not so easy.  Like learning any new skill, it takes learning, practice, and repeating over and over again daily to become a virtuoso concert pianist.  Same with these CAD programs.  They are excellent softwares to invest in to make the entire apparel lifecycle shorter, more efficient, and material saving.

TAAS Inc. has invested hundreds of thousands of hours, and combined with our hands on insider industry experience, we are here to help implement the new 3D virtual prototyping process with small and large companies.  Combine hard work, a passion for excellence and quality, we have TAAS Inc's technology implementation solutions to the apparel industry's problems.

Written by Amy Leu for

Technology Advanced Apparel Service