Ecomm! Let's see where taas loves to shop online!


These days we can find anything, literally anything online.  Purchase, pay, ship, and receive.  How does one pick from what seems like an infinity of ecommerce sites out there?  What does the TAAS team browse and shop when they are taking a mini break from making digital apparel patterns? Here's a little peak at our mac browsers.

1. Thefutureperfect 

Other than fashion, when I want to get my mind recharged, I browse and shop for home decor. It's an obsession now.  If I haven't gone into fashion, I would have done interior design for sure. Modern, quality, and they started in Brooklyn.  These guys really know taste.  

2. 1stdibs

The founders of this collectors' site are spot on when they fly around the world to correlate the dream collections of any antique or modern furniture, art, and accessories aficionado.  I have to put a stopwatch on when I'm on this site, so I don't go into dibs-land for way too long.

3.  abchome

I tried not to include my dream home's ultimate decorator on our list of top ecommerce sites, but you've heard of the self fulfilling prophecy, right?  This is the perfect example of that.

4. lanecrawford

Ok, you must be wondering, when are these fashion pattern makers going to list out an actual apparel, clothing related site for their ultimate online shopping experience?  The LC people know how to buy for the modern men and women.  Sophistication, style, individuality, and taste, they know what they are doing.  I have to say, they are our go-to for the best selections of designer and new emerging designer collections.  

There you have it folks.  Here's your Friday lunch time shopping session at your disposal.  Have fun, let us know what your favorite ecommerce sites are!  We would love to keep browsing the internet to discover the endless sea of taste makers.

Written by Amy Leu for

Technology Advanced Apparel Service