Our mission is to promote apparel manufacturing innovation and support sustainable manufacturing practices. Cleaner, waste-free, efficient and knowledge-based process. We do not neglect the legacy of the past but build upon the technology of our time. We use our experience, expertise, and collaboration to advance the current state of apparel development and manufacturing process.

We cannot solve our problems with the same way of thinking we used when we created them.
— Albert Einstein


Nina Nikolic
Co-Founder, President

(best painter/artist in an Ivy League brain)

Combine theater costume design, painting, garment engineering, technical design, and production expertise, this is our Renaissance woman. Always curious by nature, she seeks knowledge in every corner.  With an appreciation for beauty and great product, she is not only a mentor, a great leader but also a student of the world.  "50/50 right/left brain" is what we call her in-house. 

John C Leu
Chief Technology Officer

(best analytical mind)

As the #1 Board Member of TAAS, we look to him for focused meeting dialogues.  Encryption enterprise, programming fragmentation, and hyper threading are interlaced in this Ivy League mind.  For integrated syntax technology encryption, this is the man to call.  He has impeccable patience in problem- solving; we learn from him every day.  We call him, "The Scientist."